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"Teeth of Frost"

"THE HOWLING WIND - Complete New Album, New MP3 Posted
Formed by Ryan Lipynsky (the artist formerly known as Killusion, also of UNEARTHLY TRANCE of course) after the demise of THRALLDOM (one of the most prominent and important U.S. black metal bands ever), and now in conspiracy with drummer Tim Call (ALDEBARAN), THE HOWLING WIND have completed work on their new album “Into The Cryosphere”.

Following the band’s relentless “Pestilence & Peril” debut, THE HOWLING WIND have created an even more relentless, vicious, colder, and overall all-encompassing album with “Into The Cryosphere”. This time though, THE HOWLING WIND will plunge the listener into the cold, desolate, and unholy wastelands of Antarctica, as said realm becomes the backdrop and central theme that envelopes the harsh black metal virulence of “Into The Cryosphere”.

Whereas a band like Immortal paint such a realm as Antarctica as a playful winter wonderland, THE HOWLING WIND’s sonic portrayal of Antarctica is a harsh and primal journey through the barren terrain of a mighty and barren kingdom of frozen landscapes and fields. A lifeless and desolate kingdom filtered through old-school, noisy, doom-filled black metal that takes cue from such legends as CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER, BATHORY, old-school DARKTHRONE, and AUTOPSY, while harboring a pedigree seeped within occult nature and lore. Overall, “Into The Cryosphere” is a depiction of the fall of humanity reflected through a sheet of ice.

To be released late April, tracklisting for “Into The Cryosphere” goes as follows:

1. The Seething Wrath Of A Frigid Soul
2. Teeth Of Frost
3. Obscured Pyramid
4. Ice Cracking In The Abyss
5. Will Is The Only Fire Under An Avalanche
6. Impossible Eternity
7. A Dead Galaxy Mirrored In An Ice Mirage"