Monday November 9th
Saint Vitus Bar Brooklyn NY
(Doors 7pm, First Band 730pm)

Mortuary Drape (Italy) 
Revenge (Canada) 
Omnizide (Sweden) 
Kill (Sweden) 
The Howling Wind 



Sylvan Screams Analog will be releasing "Of Babalon" on cassette this year!
We have been already writing new songs for our next album! Expect something vicious...


Vortex Update

Handmade "Vortex" cds are now sold out from the big cartel! All remaining orders will be shipped out this week. Parasitic Records may have a few copies left. Up next will be an official digipak version of "Vortex" on Init Records and a cassette version on Broken Limbs Recordings !
Thanks to everyone who ordered and we have cool plans for 2014.


The Howling Wind - Vortex CD [now available]


Self Released/ Self Recorded
Hand made CD in edition of 93
Bonus track is a cover version of
War - "Reapers of Satan"
Also comes with a pick and sticker
1. Tides
2. Force of the Maelstrom
3. Alignment of Celestial Bodies
4. At the End of the Earth
5. Destructive Salvation of Nature
6. Dissonance in the Atmosphere
7. Waves Come Crashing Down
8. Disturbances
9. Reapers Of Satan
Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By
The Howling Wind 2013
Ryan Lipynsky: Guitars, Bass, Noise, Vocals
Tim Call: Drums


No Clean Singing Reviews "Vortex"


"Filthy and furious, grim and glorious, the brothers of destruction have done it again. Reaping the whirlwind as only they know how."


"Vortex" review from sixsix7



""Of Babalon" was a powerful blow for Ryan Lipynsky's carreer in The Howling Wind. The hits in the new album are even more continuous and furious because the vision of this great musician has now taken a perfected shape of expression. Needless to say, the flow of the record is at least suggestive. A natural continuation of easy-to-remember and dark riffs succeed one another, enchanted by the groove of great gods Celtic Frost of "ough" era, carrying a bit of the magic he puked in Thralldom. The music is rather threatening than pseudo-charming and ever remains in the old school death/black metal spirit. The essential drumming of Tim Call preserves the trippy daze of "Vortex" and places the album on the highest pedestal of the band's inspiration compared to its good past. Epic and splenish as well, with this new aberrant THW ought to occupy a large portion of the metal audience because they deserve it as much as few artists do. Worship them."


vortex review from pitchfork

"What’s unexpected, though, is how the Howling Wind has now turned the traces of its past and main outlets into a record that sounds less like a side project meant for producing black metal than a proper band free to do whatever it wants. "


"Vortex" #10 of August @ "The Black Market" on Stereogum


"“Alignment Of Celestial Bodies” rages throughout, with blown-out vocals and primitive kill riffs strung one after another — and it isn’t till the last minute that guitarist (and, uh, bassist, noisemaker, and vocalist) Ryan Lipynsky’s shred pedigree finally bursts through. We’ve heard what he can do before in countless bands across countless genres — Serpentine Path, Pollution, Villains, Thralldom, and the sorely missed Unearthly Trance, amongst others — and still, those searing leads never fail to stun."


Vortex Review @ Metal Bandcamp


"Delving into a new album free of PR bombardments and false hype was a refreshing experience, made only more rewarding by The Howling Wind’s refined yet insane brand of black metal."


Review From Subversive Workshop!

"Vortex is raw, unrelenting and seething with oppressive ugliness. I don’t even need to see the lyrics to be moved by it. Couched within the disharmony & fury that these 8 songs are delivered with is something true that calls to me with a naked, harsh honesty."

Vortex on MSN Headbang blog


"...for the most part this is menacing, mid-paced, groove-oriented black metal reminiscent of the first-wave bands, done satisfyingly well."


Son Of Flies "Vortex" Review


"I must add that The Howling Wind have always relied on dirty sounds, never refined (as in the current production) ... At times they spit raw black metal, other, more complex material (stuffed with sick solos, suitable for general structures). The contrast between the parties means that you are not talking about a superficial work. The Howling Wind I give a decisive push for sound potentials in order to convince the followers of the genre. Interesting."
*translation excerpt via google


Press Information for Vortex

Any websites, publications or zines who would like to review "Vortex" please feel to
get in touch with the band directly via facebook or through the contact form on bandcamp
for a promo download code.


"Pestilence & Peril" vinyl in Europe

The Howling Wind "Pestilence & Peril" vinyl is now available through Iron Bonehead in Europe! http://ironbonehead.de/shop/


Pestilence & Peril Vinyl

The First The Howling Wind - Pestilence & Peril LP Originally released in 2007
Will be out soon on Parasitic Records Limited Edition to 300 Copies


V/A "Monomaniac vol.1" 7" EP/Bandcamp


"This is the kickstart of the Monomaniac series, a bold discographic operation uniting international artists from all over the spectrum of extreme underground music. The medium being 7″ vinyl, the challenge is that each unit offers approximately one minute of exclusive/unreleased noise!"



review via casting stone


translation via google:
"Two years after the already-classic in my eyes-"Into the Cryosphere" dispel any doubt left by the rather modest first jobs, as the Howling Wind is back. And if the "Into the Cryosphere" was the album's ice, "of Ba
balon" is the album of the fire. With lyrical background based on Earth through the Crowley-legal perspective that characterizes almost all his works Lipinsky. With the delivery of Darkthrone, the Thralldom, and bizarre twist typical of creator. With a black metal so old fashioned and so fresh at the same time. With melodies that do not have compassion, but freeze the blood. With warm sonic underground doom and soul of two of the leading visionaries of modern general doom.
Things are simply, the Howling Wind kathieronontai finally here as one of the leading black metal bands of our time. Insurmountable. "


review @ deformed linears

here is the translation:
"My beloved THW have just created their third full-length in which the band's leading figure (Ryan Lipynsky) elevates his personal style and becomes colder than ever. An unstoppable, Celtic Frost-like musical orgy is the driving force of the band's orchestral rituals. In this album, the occult element is more vivid than ever for Ryan's lyrical approach over Babalon and the related writings of Aleister Crowley (Thelema system) surrounds the whole record with a veil of mysticism. It would be at least unfair to explain the origin and carreer of THW because even if they were born through the ashes of unforgettable Thralldom (try their swan song, A Shaman Steering the Vessel of Vastness) they have evolved into a monster who reaps the USBM scene of the last years. It's safe, I think, to say that THW's new effort, under the "Of Babalon" alias, is the best goddamn thing ever released from this duet. I'd also dare to say this is one of the 3 best albums in Ryan's enire carreer. The rhythms are overwhelming, immersive and furious. Some swirling guitar themes make the whole chaos, paranoia and psychedelia even more intense. Songs like "Scaling the Walls" can rip your flesh with emotion. "The Mountain View" slightly throws up certain Unearthly Trance nuances, hailing the end of one of the most important bands of 00s. Just listen to the song's introduction and you'll get seduced by all these cave-y feelings of their first and last album. Tim Call plays the PERFECT drums for this so cleverly structured music. With ease, this is one of the most important records, not just of the running year, but of the latter years generally. Well done, Ryan! Still, you haven't disappointed us."


new album complete! new song!


Brooklyn/Portland black metal duo THE HOWLING WIND have completed work on their most vicious and uncompromising album to date, the follow-up to “Into The Cryosphere” entitled “Of Babalon”.
Formed by Ryan Lipynsky (Unearthly Trance, The Serpentine Path) after the demise of the cult black metal legend THRALLDOM (one of the most important U.S. black metal bands ever), who would then immediately be joined by ALDEBARAN drummer/vocalist Tim Parasitic, THE HOWLING WIND would continue THRALLDOM’s black metal genesis by carrying on Lipynsky’s virulent black metal vision and morphing it into a new beast.  With THE HOWLING WIND, Lipynsky (who we view as one of the most prominent American underground extreme metal musicians today) and Parasitic uphold genuine and real black metal vision.  One that is of course inherent in the music and the lyrics/themes that THE HOWLING WIND craft; music that upholds the ancient traditions of the genre and intelligently woven lyrics and themes which are deeply rooted in the occult, the religious, the sinister and the metaphysical as opposed to the nonsense of society/social awareness lyrics found in some so-called black and death metal today.   THE HOWLING WIND are the real deal.
Recorded in The Thousand Caves by Colin Marston and to be released July 17th, tracklisting for “Of Babalon” goes as follows:
  1. The Seal Upon The Tomb
  2. Beast Of The Sea
  3. Graal
  4. Scaling The Walls
  5. The Mountain View
  6. Abominations And Filth
  7. Choronzon
  8. Gateways


The Recording: Of Babalon

We have been hard at work on our new album at The Thousand Caves with Colin Marston! April 2012


The Howling Wind to enter studio April 2012...

We are very proud and thrilled to announce that in April 2012, The Howling Wind will enter The Thousand Cave Studios to record with Colin Marston in Queens NY. It will be released on Profound Lore Records, once again, and the material is our best so far!! We have been working on the demos for a long time now and we are very confident in the new songs. Faster, more intense, and overall a more expanding and developed sound/songs for THW. More news soon!!


profound lore bandcamp

"Pestilence and Peril" is on the New Profound Lore bandcamp page, as well as other PL releases.


cryosphere vinyl

•"Into The Cryosphere" Vinyl 12" has been released on Parasitic Records!
180 gram vinyl with insert and features a different layout from cd.


thw terrorizer

Despite how this is framed in the opener, I really like Norway. I was just making a point how even in Norway, black metal is very mainstream and not what it once was. That was the point. Also the bottom is obvious an error.


review @ aquariusrecords.org

• review from aquarius records:
[lipynsky spelling corrected]

"HOWLING WIND, THE Into The Cryosphere (Profound Lore) cd 13.98
Before even hearing a note, we were sold. You really can't argue with an album called Into The Cryosphere, not to mention the fact that this bears the stamp of the always amazing Profound Lore label, AND this duo features Ryan Lipynsky of doom lords Unearthly Trance and punkers Villains. The Howling Wind definitely writhe in some of the same blackened sludge as UT, but with an approach that is heavily indebted to the hateful black metal we can never get enough of, with a thrashiness that is hypnotic, relentless, and pretty much the kind of thing your mother wouldn't ever want you listening to. Their punked out approach snakes around the Cryosphere through all sorts of passages, taking you along for a super negative death trip reminiscent of Deathspell's more thugged out excursions on Kenose. The riffs are thick and burly, the drums heavy as fuck, and you will marvel over how appropriate a name like The Howling Wind is, as the whole album seems shrouded in an uncontrollable, icy wind. Not surprising then that the band would cook up song titles like "Teeth Of Frost", "Ice Cracking In The Abyss", and "A Dead Galaxy Mirrored In An Icy Mirage". Lipynsky certainly sounds like a man of conviction here, with his super tough, throatshredding vocals telling you how it's gonna be. Totally nihilistic and hateful with a sense of fuck all despair, it's also surprisingly catchy with riffs just won't let up, which will surely keep this one blasting out of our speakers for quite some time. "


thw terrorizer

•review from latest terrorizer:
[thanks to glyn for the scan]


review @ metalreview.com

• Cool review for "Into the Cryosphere"


•Starting with this new album, I will upload screen shots of the print interviews I do. Basically because I usually never see the magazines and I think there are others who dont see them either. Ill also dig up some older ones and post em as well.

This is the raw and unedited version. To be featured in a future issue of Terrorizer: