new album complete! new song!


Brooklyn/Portland black metal duo THE HOWLING WIND have completed work on their most vicious and uncompromising album to date, the follow-up to “Into The Cryosphere” entitled “Of Babalon”.
Formed by Ryan Lipynsky (Unearthly Trance, The Serpentine Path) after the demise of the cult black metal legend THRALLDOM (one of the most important U.S. black metal bands ever), who would then immediately be joined by ALDEBARAN drummer/vocalist Tim Parasitic, THE HOWLING WIND would continue THRALLDOM’s black metal genesis by carrying on Lipynsky’s virulent black metal vision and morphing it into a new beast.  With THE HOWLING WIND, Lipynsky (who we view as one of the most prominent American underground extreme metal musicians today) and Parasitic uphold genuine and real black metal vision.  One that is of course inherent in the music and the lyrics/themes that THE HOWLING WIND craft; music that upholds the ancient traditions of the genre and intelligently woven lyrics and themes which are deeply rooted in the occult, the religious, the sinister and the metaphysical as opposed to the nonsense of society/social awareness lyrics found in some so-called black and death metal today.   THE HOWLING WIND are the real deal.
Recorded in The Thousand Caves by Colin Marston and to be released July 17th, tracklisting for “Of Babalon” goes as follows:
  1. The Seal Upon The Tomb
  2. Beast Of The Sea
  3. Graal
  4. Scaling The Walls
  5. The Mountain View
  6. Abominations And Filth
  7. Choronzon
  8. Gateways