review @ deformed linears

here is the translation:
"My beloved THW have just created their third full-length in which the band's leading figure (Ryan Lipynsky) elevates his personal style and becomes colder than ever. An unstoppable, Celtic Frost-like musical orgy is the driving force of the band's orchestral rituals. In this album, the occult element is more vivid than ever for Ryan's lyrical approach over Babalon and the related writings of Aleister Crowley (Thelema system) surrounds the whole record with a veil of mysticism. It would be at least unfair to explain the origin and carreer of THW because even if they were born through the ashes of unforgettable Thralldom (try their swan song, A Shaman Steering the Vessel of Vastness) they have evolved into a monster who reaps the USBM scene of the last years. It's safe, I think, to say that THW's new effort, under the "Of Babalon" alias, is the best goddamn thing ever released from this duet. I'd also dare to say this is one of the 3 best albums in Ryan's enire carreer. The rhythms are overwhelming, immersive and furious. Some swirling guitar themes make the whole chaos, paranoia and psychedelia even more intense. Songs like "Scaling the Walls" can rip your flesh with emotion. "The Mountain View" slightly throws up certain Unearthly Trance nuances, hailing the end of one of the most important bands of 00s. Just listen to the song's introduction and you'll get seduced by all these cave-y feelings of their first and last album. Tim Call plays the PERFECT drums for this so cleverly structured music. With ease, this is one of the most important records, not just of the running year, but of the latter years generally. Well done, Ryan! Still, you haven't disappointed us."