review via casting stone


translation via google:
"Two years after the already-classic in my eyes-"Into the Cryosphere" dispel any doubt left by the rather modest first jobs, as the Howling Wind is back. And if the "Into the Cryosphere" was the album's ice, "of Ba
balon" is the album of the fire. With lyrical background based on Earth through the Crowley-legal perspective that characterizes almost all his works Lipinsky. With the delivery of Darkthrone, the Thralldom, and bizarre twist typical of creator. With a black metal so old fashioned and so fresh at the same time. With melodies that do not have compassion, but freeze the blood. With warm sonic underground doom and soul of two of the leading visionaries of modern general doom.
Things are simply, the Howling Wind kathieronontai finally here as one of the leading black metal bands of our time. Insurmountable. "