"Vortex" review from sixsix7



""Of Babalon" was a powerful blow for Ryan Lipynsky's carreer in The Howling Wind. The hits in the new album are even more continuous and furious because the vision of this great musician has now taken a perfected shape of expression. Needless to say, the flow of the record is at least suggestive. A natural continuation of easy-to-remember and dark riffs succeed one another, enchanted by the groove of great gods Celtic Frost of "ough" era, carrying a bit of the magic he puked in Thralldom. The music is rather threatening than pseudo-charming and ever remains in the old school death/black metal spirit. The essential drumming of Tim Call preserves the trippy daze of "Vortex" and places the album on the highest pedestal of the band's inspiration compared to its good past. Epic and splenish as well, with this new aberrant THW ought to occupy a large portion of the metal audience because they deserve it as much as few artists do. Worship them."